Product war losses

  • Christ's Farewell to Mary

    Card number: 11664

    Author / School / Workshop: Silesian workshop unter the influence of Wit Stwosz's  

    Date of creation: c. 1500 

    Object type: Bas-relief 

  • Iconostasis

    Card number: 4599

    Author / School / Workshop: Modzelewski Andrzej, Gdańsk  

    Date of creation: 1664 

    Object type: Iconostasis 

  • Offering a Scapular

    Card number: 23143

    Author / School / Workshop: Gdańsk  

    Date of creation: 2 half of the 18th cent. 

    Object type: Painting 

  • Pentecost

    Card number: 29844

    Author / School / Workshop: Dąbrowski Bonawentura (1807-1862)  

    Date of creation: 1840 

    Object type: Painting 

  • Plaques: (Christ's Nativity, Crucifixion, Pieta) decorating a small altar

    Card number: 12048

    Author / School / Workshop: Pénicaud Jean II or Jean III, Limoges  

    Date of creation: 16th cent. 

    Object type: Plaque 

  • St. Anne and Two

    Card number: 11813

    Author / School / Workshop: Stwosz Wit (or workshop)  

    Date of creation: c. 1480-1490 

    Object type: Group of sculptures 

  • St. Anthony of Padua

    Card number: 40852

    Author / School / Workshop: Czechowicz Szymon (1689-1775)  

    Date of creation: ca. 1750 

    Object type: Painting 

  • St. Barbara (obverse), Christ with crown of thorns (revers) - left wing of a triptych

    Card number: 55526

    Author / School / Workshop: Małopolska  

    Date of creation: 2nd half of 15th cent 

    Object type: Triptych