Product war losses

  • Alabastron

    Card number: 55269

    Author / School / Workshop: Corinth  

    Date of creation: Early Corinthian: end of the VIIth c. B. C. 

    Object type: Alabastron 

  • Friuts and flowers with pigeon

    Card number: 5237

    Author / School / Workshop: Dubuisson A.  

    Date of creation: 1753 

    Object type: Overdoor 

  • Girl with a Dove

    Card number: 5983

    Author / School / Workshop: Pesne Antoine (1683-1757)  

    Date of creation: 1754 

    Object type: Painting 

  • Glaux (i.e. Kotyle with one horizontal and one vertical handle)

    Card number: 55284

    Author / School / Workshop: Athens, Greece  

    Date of creation: 2nd half of the Vth c. B.C. 

    Object type: Glaux 

  • Interior of a hut

    Card number: 31603

    Author / School / Workshop: Helmont Matthias van (1623-1679)  

    Date of creation:  

    Object type: Painting 

  • Lady with a Canary (Lady with a Cage)

    Card number: 3163

    Author / School / Workshop: Pruszkowski Tadeusz (1888-1942)  

    Date of creation: 1926 

    Object type: Painting 

  • Lamp

    Card number: 60402

    Author / School / Workshop:  

    Date of creation:  

    Object type: Lamp 

  • Monoument to the dead soldiers of the Balloon Army

    Card number: 36080

    Author / School / Workshop: Kamieński Michał (1892-1944)  

    Date of creation: 1937 

    Object type: Monument